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Indie Gems––Fine Independently Published Fiction Selected by Award-winning Author Sandy Nathan

27 Oct

A few posts ago, I wrote about my plans to feature the terrific independently produced books that I’ve been reading. This is that presentation: INDIE GEMS. It’s going to be a regular/irregular part of Your Shelf Life. I have to give the Amazon KDP free books program some of the credit for this. I’ve been […]

Your Shelf Life Book Reviews –– Review Policy

3 Dec

I’ve gotten so many requests from authors to review their books that I feel it necessary to write a bit explaining Your Shelf Life’s review policy. First off, I am a writer, not a reviewer. Book reviews do show up on Your Shelf Life. These are reviews of books I’ve found myself or which good friends have recommended. I do not take other books for review.

I’m sorry to have to refuse your request. I know how hard it is to have your book reviewed in the beginning, but I’m a writer, not a reviewer. My time–like yours–is very valuable. A search of the ‘net will reveal many reputable sites that do take books for review. Some may even specialize in your genre. Keep looking for reviewers! You will succeed.

5 STARS! Exit Strategy by Colleen Cross | A Your Shelf Life Review

27 Nov

I had no idea what a forensic accountant was until reading this novel. (Such an accountant tracks down missing money in cases of financial wrong-doing.) I certainly had no idea that a story about a forensic accountant could be exciting, suspenseful, and scary.

Forensic accountant Katarina (Kat) Carter is called in when five billion dollars goes missing from a Canadian corporation mining diamonds. She can’t figure out why they called her. She’s the least important investigator of her kind in town, and everyone believes the missing CFO did it, anyway. But Kat needs the money, so she takes the job.