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Promoting your Book – Create Interest in Your Book with Character Interviews and Videos

10 Sep

Here are a couple of ideas I’ve used that are fun for you and your readers: The Character Interview and Casting Video. I’ll give examples of both. Have you done a Character Interview? That’s you pretending to be one of the characters in your book and interviewing yourself. Once you’ve got the interview, post it everywhere. Increase reader interest with Character Interviews. You can also create videos of the characters of your book, just like you were casting a movie. The magic of YouTube and the various services helping us technologically-impaired people create videos can allow you to create vids of your own characters.

What my Mama Done Told Me about Writing: Advice from my Mom that You Might Consider

25 Aug

Quite by accident, my mom gave me some excellent writing advice. “Mom, I’m writing a book,” I said expectantly.

“Oh, no!” Her anguish was real.

I didn’t know if she was upset because I was writing a book and she didn’t think I could pull it off. Or because, according to our family by-laws, no one was allowed to even think about doing anything in the arts. Or crafts. Or maybe she was upset about all of it.

Do You Have Writer's Block––Or Are You Depressed?

5 Aug

If you handle the real problem, you’ll get the result. Writer’s block is not about laziness or lack of discipline.

Years ago, I started writing and continued for, maybe, nine or ten years. I wrote flat out every day, quitting only when my shoulders wouldn’t move. I was in a couple of writing groups, working with a book consultant and editor. It was really swell.

After all this fun and inspiration and wonderful success . . . I fluffed entirely. People were asking for Numenon’s sequel. Getting pretty huffy, in fact. The sequel was written! It’s on my hard drive! All I had to do was rewrite a 1,300 page, 250,000 word behemoth about God and good and evil and existential anxiety (mine) and a bunch of people from Silicon Valley and American Indians into something people would buy.

I couldn’t. Being quick on the uptake, I realized, “This is writer’s block.” I used writing therapy to address this, producing one pretty good blog article about the dismal block, and one based on the yogic concept of surrender and letting things bottom out naturally. Then I realized I was depressed. Treating my depression was the secret to being free of the dreaded block.