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Operation Desert Swap––Now Authors Can Support our Troops!

20 Aug

Operation Desert Swap provides a way for authors to support our troops with more than bumper stickers. If you are an author and join Operation Desert Swap , you’ll be paired with a soldier. You’ll send him or her a copy of your book. You’ll also agree to write “your” solder at least once a […]

Negotiation Skills and Working with Professionals – Add a little Sugar!

12 Aug

I recently posted an article by super publicist Susan Schwartzman about working with a publicist and the importance of sending cookies once in a while. This seems like a small thing––maybe even a bribe––but it’s not. What Ms. Schwartzman introduces is the very large topic of use of influence. Use of influence means what authors […]


7 Jun

I wrote an introductory article on unlocking writers block a few weeks ago. (The one illustrated with photos of us trying to get a horse into a trailer.) After three weeks of vacation in New Mexico, I’m home and happily and productively working on the rewrite of Mogollon, sequel to my award winning novel, Numenon. […]