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Selling Books in the (Continuing) Great Recession by Edward C. Patterson

17 Aug

From Edward C. Patterson: “It’s actually easier to sell books directly to the public over the web through now than it was in boom times, when you needed to follow stuffy industry rules — rules that the traditional publishing houses are now realizing are their Achilles’ heel. The problem is, most authors are poor marketers and, in good times or bad times, that means that some great reads will not find eager readers. It means that authors must wear another hat to engage potential readers in the online fray.”

Publishing Bloopers: What I Did with my First Book that I Wouldn't Now: 5.4 Selling Books in the Great Recession

5 Jan

A Google search brought up this blog article, which was originally printed in my REDROOM BLOG. I love the REDROOM, finding it a great resource for writers. The article is a perfect summary of a self publishing/independent press response to the Great Recession. Read about my bloopers so you won’t make them yourself.

5.3 Selling Books in the Great Recession: Dennis Batchelder

29 Nov

I wrote this series on book selling in the Great Recession because I wanted to give my readers some concepts to help tame the beast. More than just concepts, wanted to give examples of people who are selling like crazy despite the recession. For those who haven’t read the previous articles, I am an economist […]