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How to Market your Self-published Book––Twelve Points that Really Matter (Well, Fifteen Points)

22 Feb

I sat down this morning to write an article about how to obtain testimonials and endorsements and how they can help sell your book. That led me to think about what does sell your book. Are testimonials all that count? Not by a long shot. Here’s my list of things that sell your book, in order of importance: 12 fascinating points follow! Conclusion: Point 12. Your book. Notice where I place this on my list. That’s because I’ve seen books that would make the professor who ran my writing group vomit become major bestsellers. I’ve seen books that would make people in MFA in writing programs gag succeed like crazy. I’ve seen lots of books like this. It’s a mystery why people buy books about werewolves, zombies, vampires, mayhem, and mawkish drivel. But they do. A book needs to hook something in your buyers. It doesn’t have to be their higher Self or even a good part of their character. Alas. The subject needs a fast moving story around it and a very good editing and proofreading job. That’s all.

How to Win a Book Contest — Hot Tips as the Results of the 2011 Contests Are Announced

8 May

As of today, December 5th, 2011, my books have won twenty-one national book awards. In addition to the twelve awards my first two books garnered, my two new books won nine more this year. The awards are listed way, way down at the bottom of this article and on my web site.

Why am I telling you this? Winning is thrilling, for one thing. It’s worth letting people know about. Plus, all the articles say you should write about topics that you know.

I know how to win book contests. I’m going to share my “secrets” with you here.

The Angel & the Brown-eyed Boy Wins a 2011 IPPY Award Gold Medal!

5 May

Author Sandy Nathan has just won the the 2011 IPPY (Independent Publisher) GOLD MEDAL FOR VISIONARY FICTION for her sci-fi /fantasy / visionary fiction novel, The Angel & the Brown-eyed Boy. The IPPY Award Contest is one of the largest and oldest competitions for independent presses––in fact, it may be the oldest and largest.

Sandy says, “Winning this award feels very good. It marks almost four years of work by myself and my publishing team at Vilasa Press. I want to thank my content editor, Melanie Rigney; my book designer, Lewis Agell; and Kathy Grow and Kathryn Agrell for copy editing and proofreading assistance. Many thanks also to my husband, Barry Nathan for keeping Vilasa Press organized and moving forward.”