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Amazon Bestseller Day Getting Best Selling Sponsors Part 3

20 Jan

At this point in my development as a red-hot Amazon Bestseller Day creator, I realized that a successful launch had many sides. A big one was gifts. Prizes. Positive reinforcements. Bribes. I had to provide prizes interesting enough that people would flock to buy my book to get them. [Note the oddity of this reasoning. Why wouldn’t people just buy my book? Doesn’t it have worth? Someone said to me, “Your book sounds like a must read. Why do all that?” Yeah, but no one was buying it.]

Whatever. Anything coming from Jamis would be interesting; I needed his participation, his wit and style. Most of all, I needed his endorsement of my book and campaign. His prize. I needed his undoubtedly vast email list: As a sponsor, he would email an invitation to his list the morning of the event and catapult me into his world. Need, need, grasp. Gasp.