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Amazon Bestseller Launch Report Complete- Let the Guest Bloggers Begin!

20 Mar

I want to let everyone know that “Your Shelf Life: How Long Will You Last?” has gotten almost 21,000 requests for pages in its few months of existence. Many thanks to my readers! The full, 8-part report on my Amazon Bestseller Day is up. This is essentially an e book about how to plan and […]

Amazon Bestseller Best Seller Launch Day – WAS IT WORTH IT? Post-game Recap Part 8

2 Mar

MY AMAZON LAUNCH WAS A FLOP BY ANY OBJECTIVE MEASURE. We sold 13 books. These impacted our Amazon rankings, but we made almost nothing on 11 of them, which were purchased through resellers. Afterward, I was exhausted and my kids ran scared whenever they saw me. My husband was supportive, as always, but shook up. […]

Amazon Bestseller Best Seller Day- THE DAY! HOW DID I DO? Part 7

27 Feb

“Did your sponsors send out their emails? Your book’s sales ranking is going up, but not fast enough! Find out if they sent their invitations.” This was an email from ReaderViews’ Irene Watson that greeted me when I woke up on MY AMAZON BESTSELLER DAY. I saw Irene’s message about 10 AM, when I dragged […]