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Destinies by Karleene Morrow – An Indie Gem Featured Book

6 Nov

It’s the story of a group of German peasants who leave the Rhineland at the invitation of Tzarina Katherine (the Great). Life is rough in the Rhineland. They’re tenants, not landowners, and at the mercy of pretty near everyone in their German life. The village decides to take advantage of Katherine’s gracious offer to bear the expenses of their traveling to Russia, and to set them up with their own farms and all that would be needed to run them: houses, horses, farm implements and seed. Sounds like a good deal, especially when compared to being exploited unmercifully by their landlords and local nobles in the old country.

The Last Newspaper Man by Mark Di Ionno – A Your Shelf Life Review

29 Oct

The Last Newspaper Man tells the story of a young newspaperman trying to make a mark in his own, extremely mediocre, paper. He wants to grab an atmospheric, witness-to-history story featuring some oldster and boost his professional standing. He goes to the Oceanview, a local retirement facility. He quickly finds the subject he wants: ninety-something Fred Haines, a retired journalist.

The two begin a passage that changes both of them. The story’s form is simple: The young journalist visits the old man. They talk. It turns out that Fred was a very prominent journalist in his day, one of the first “yellow journalists.” As Fred Haines tells his story, he presents a draft of a book that chronicles his life, covering horrific events that fly in the face of human decency. As the manuscript is revealed, both men are changed.

Your Shelf Life Book Reviews –– Review Policy

3 Dec

I’ve gotten so many requests from authors to review their books that I feel it necessary to write a bit explaining Your Shelf Life’s review policy. First off, I am a writer, not a reviewer. Book reviews do show up on Your Shelf Life. These are reviews of books I’ve found myself or which good friends have recommended. I do not take other books for review.

I’m sorry to have to refuse your request. I know how hard it is to have your book reviewed in the beginning, but I’m a writer, not a reviewer. My time–like yours–is very valuable. A search of the ‘net will reveal many reputable sites that do take books for review. Some may even specialize in your genre. Keep looking for reviewers! You will succeed.