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Plucky Grandmother Loses Battle with Amazon, Wins with BookBaby. Apple's Trying Hard to Be Helpful

10 Oct

I wrote Amazon and explained all this, asking for a few days for Apple to figure out the problem and let me do this weekend’s KDP program with one less worry. I sent Amazon records from BookBaby indicating they had pulled the title from the iBookstore. I sent copies of my emails to Apple & their response. I got down on my hands and knees and begged. This is Apple’s response, taken from their email earlier today:
The email shows that Amazon doesn’t care that you’ve done your best to comply with their rules and thought you had. You can be petitioning God for help for all they care. It doesn’t matter if you need a few more days, or if your dog died. They say they’re committed to the best customer service ever. Not for suppliers. Read the letter above. They’re a bullying monopolist.

Look at Apple’s response to my pleas:

Plucky Grandmother Fights Amazon, Apple, and BookBaby over KDP Promotion

9 Oct

Are you relating to this, indie authors and publishers? The total opacity of the system and the impossibility of getting a real person to help you. The sense of being lost in a hostile, incomprehensible world. It’s all true. We deal with this all the time, on EVERY friggin’ thing about getting our books in print and posted somewhere where at least our MOTHERS can read them. It’s a nightmare. This is what happened next: