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How to Survive Amazon's KDP Free Book Program

20 Jul

If you sign up for Amazon’s KDP program, Amazon will sell your book for nothing for five days during the 90 day slot you’re required to enroll. Yes, they’ll sell your book for nothing, allowing you to do all sorts of marketing shenanigans, like this. What is the cost of the program? Nothing. That’s right, they’ll give your book away gratis.

Sounds like a whole lot of nothing going on. I’ll find out.

Tomorrow, July 21, is my first FREE DAY for my book The Angel & the Brown-eyed Boy with Kindle’s KDP free book program. The day after that, Sunday, July 22, the second FREE DAY with the same book. I’m using my friend Cheryl Kaye Tardif’s How I Made Over $42,000 in One Month Selling my Kindle eBooks (Known at $42K hereafter). This is a really good guidebook outlining what Cheryl did to make a small fortune in eBooks. It’s all there, step by step.

Can I Achieve Fame and Glory by Giving Away an Angel? Or––Does Amazon's KDP Giveaway Program Work?

17 Jul

I have the horrible feeling that I’m walking into another Amazon Bestseller Day, but this time one where I don’t sell a lousy 13 books, I give them away. I also scheduled (inadvertently) the free days right when we’re leaving for vacation, so I’ll be traveling and packing and so on, instead of stomping the internet letting people know about my giveaway. And I’m right in the middle of a rewrite of my monster novel, the sequel to Numenon. I’d rather be writing than trying to figure out Hoottweeter, or whatever’s it’s called.