At Last I Know Amazon Cares . . .

15 Apr

 I awakened this morning to find an email from Amazon in my inbox. I was shocked to discover that it was about my new book, Lady Grace. They were promoting my book! I didn’t have to pay anything! I didn’t even know they were sending out the promotion!!

I must have hit some critical mass for Amazon to notice me. I wanted to share the email with the entire universe, or as much of it as I could reach.  So here it is, the text of Amazon’s pitch for Lady Grace: (Unfortunately, their email wouldn’t copy, so I’ll attempt to reproduce the wonderfulness of it all. There’s an easier way to do this, I am told. A screen shot. But I am probably the only person in the universe who doesn’t know how to do a screen shot. That would have made all of this easier and even more impressive.)

The Amazon logo doesn’t show up here. Neither do the cool hot links, Buy button going to Lady Grace, or any of that. But here it is: the text of that email and proof that Amazon cares.

Lady Grace: A Thrilling Adventure Wrapped in the Embrace of Epic Love. In the absence of official links from Amazon, I'll give you the cover here. The cover was on the Buy button on the actual email.

From: <>
Subject:     Now available: “Lady Grace: A Thrilling Adventure Wrapped in the Embrace of Epic Love” by Sandy Nathan on
Date:     April 15, 2012 2:21:27 AM PDT
To:     Barry Nathan <barry@>

(The Amazon Logo appeared here.)

Dear Customer,

Customers who have purchased or rated books by Sandy Nathan might like to know that Lady Grace: A Thrilling Adventure Wrapped in the Embrace of Epic Love is now available.  You can order yours for just $15.95 by following the link below. [I’m adding this after the original post date. You can get the Kindle version for only $3.99!]

Lady Grace: A Thrilling Adventure Wrapped in the Embrace of Epic Love
Sandy Nathan
Price:    $15.95

Product Description

The Earth is devastated by a nuclear holocaust. Technological wizard Jeremy Edgarton and a few of his friends are whisked off planet moments before the horror by the goldies, a race of super-evolved aliens who seem too good to be true. Unfortunately for Jeremy, that’s exactly what they are. Now he wants out.

Jeremy’s mother, Veronica Edgarton, is awakening from a cryogenic sleep in a chamber deep beneath the ice near the North Pole. She faces life with one of the most ruthless and cruel men ever to have lived. She is not the kind of person to take this lying down.

In another place, 105 generations after the missiles struck, the inhabitants of a bunker designed to preserve them … Read more

More to Explore: [OK. So they included a link to every other book in my genres. So what?]

See more in Books > Literature & Fiction > Genre Fiction > Metaphysical   Try my Numenon, where “Bill Gates meets Don Juan.” Only $2.99 as a Kindle.
See more in Books > Science Fiction & Fantasy > Fantasy  Check out Lady Grace.
See more in Books > Science Fiction & Fantasy > Science Fiction > Adventure    [This link goes to The Angel & the Brown-eyed Boy, book I of Tales from Earth’s End. Major adventure!]

And the crowning glory: The Amazon signature!

Now that you know Amazon cares about my work, you can feel reassured and care about it, too.

All three books from Tales from Earth’s End are in Kindle and print forms right now! Click below and be transported:

Sandy Nathan

Sandy Nathan, Award-winning Author

Sandy Nathan is the winner of twenty-two national awards for her writing. She’s won in categories from memoir, to visionary fiction, to children’s nonfiction. And more.

Sandy’s  books are: (Click link to the left for more information on each book. All links below go to Kindle sale pages.)
Lady Grace: A Thrilling Adventure Wrapped in the Embrace of Epic Love
The Angel & the Brown-eyed Boy
Numenon: A Tale of Mysticism & Money

Tecolote: The Little Horse That Could

Stepping Off the Edge: Learning & Living Spiritual Practice


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