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How to Market your Self-published Book––Twelve Points that Really Matter (Well, Fifteen Points)

22 Feb

I sat down this morning to write an article about how to obtain testimonials and endorsements and how they can help sell your book. That led me to think about what does sell your book. Are testimonials all that count? Not by a long shot. Here’s my list of things that sell your book, in order of importance: 12 fascinating points follow! Conclusion: Point 12. Your book. Notice where I place this on my list. That’s because I’ve seen books that would make the professor who ran my writing group vomit become major bestsellers. I’ve seen books that would make people in MFA in writing programs gag succeed like crazy. I’ve seen lots of books like this. It’s a mystery why people buy books about werewolves, zombies, vampires, mayhem, and mawkish drivel. But they do. A book needs to hook something in your buyers. It doesn’t have to be their higher Self or even a good part of their character. Alas. The subject needs a fast moving story around it and a very good editing and proofreading job. That’s all.