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Sandy Nathan Leads the Depth Psychology Alliance's On-Line Book Club in January 2012

31 Dec

ward winning author, Sandy Nathan, will hostess the Depth Psychology Alliance’s Book Club for the month of January 2012. This is the Club’s first meeting and an exciting event. Sandy will use her book, Numenon: A Tale of Mysticism & Magic, to illuminate major themes of depth psychology. Numenon is the story of a Silicon Valley billionaire, the richest man in the world, meeting a great Native American shaman.

You may be wondering what Depth Psychology is. Depth Psychology focuses on the deeper parts of human experience––it concentrates on the psyche or soul. Depth Psychology seeks to know the Unconscious realm of the human mind, which is outside of our awareness and which we unable to know directly. Our everyday awareness––the habitual way we think about ourselves and see life––collapses our experience into a collection of programmed responses, rigid and unbending. It makes TV sitcom of something a life with is potentially grand. A vast inner world which is largely unknown exists beneath this reality. It communicates through dreams, myths, and symbols, giving our lives great meaning and richness. If we listen, this unseen world has much to give us. Depth Psychology is about learning to listen.

Depth Psychology Alliance was created to be central gathering place, a global village for academic discussion, research, and development of Depth Psychology ideas. The first online community of its kind, The Alliance hopes to a community that will enable Depth Psychology to emerge more fully into the everyday world. The Book Club will be hosted by a different author each month.

Happy Holidays––and All the News Worth Sharing. I've got two new Books, an International Rights Agent; Numenon is a Book Club Selection; New Book Awards. An Invitation and a gift.

20 Dec

First the important message: My best wishes for the holiday season! I’m late for Diwali, but should be on time for Hanukkah, Christmas, Al-Hijra Muharram, and Kwanzaa. If I missed any other seasonal celebrations, best wishes for them, too!
Then my news. And I do have a lot of it.
I’ve been invited to be the author of the month for the Depth Psychology Alliance Book Club in January 2012. THE REALLY BIG NEWS: I’VE GOT TWO NEW BOOKS COMING OUT IN EARLY 2012! The Tales from Earth’s End Series continues with sequels to The Angel & the Brown-Eyed Boy. I DID TELL YOU THAT I PUT OUT TWO NEW BOOKS IN JANUARY OF 2011, DIDN’T I? Last and absolutely not least, THE MONTSE CORTAZAR LITERARY AGENCY IS MY EXCLUSIVE REPRESENTATIVE FOR THE INTERNATIONAL RIGHTS TO MY BOOKS. s a special holiday gift, I’m giving you the eBook of Numenon for free! It’s usually $2.99 on Smashwords. To claim your gift, go to, and the Numenon page. (Click to go to that page.) Enter the coupon

Your Shelf Life Book Reviews –– Review Policy

3 Dec

I’ve gotten so many requests from authors to review their books that I feel it necessary to write a bit explaining Your Shelf Life’s review policy. First off, I am a writer, not a reviewer. Book reviews do show up on Your Shelf Life. These are reviews of books I’ve found myself or which good friends have recommended. I do not take other books for review.

I’m sorry to have to refuse your request. I know how hard it is to have your book reviewed in the beginning, but I’m a writer, not a reviewer. My time–like yours–is very valuable. A search of the ‘net will reveal many reputable sites that do take books for review. Some may even specialize in your genre. Keep looking for reviewers! You will succeed.