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27 Nov

Exit Strategy by Colleen Cross

I had no idea what a forensic accountant was until reading this novel. (Such an accountant tracks down missing money in cases of financial wrong-doing.) I certainly had no idea that a story about a forensic accountant could be exciting, suspenseful, and scary.

Forensic accountant Katarina (Kat) Carter is called in when five billion dollars goes missing from a Canadian corporation mining diamonds. She can’t figure out why they called her. She’s the least important investigator of her kind in town, and everyone believes the missing CFO did it, anyway. But Kat needs the money, so she takes the job.

An exciting story unfolds. Kat is a more-than-spunky modern heroine who refuses to quit when everything turns against her. Soon, we’re learning about the international laundering of dirty diamonds, how pilfered money is moved between nations, drug lords, and big time organized crime. Kat’s computer skills are reminiscent of Lisbeth Salander’s in The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo.

Exit Strategy is a great, fast-moving tale that will teach you more about forensic accounting than you knew existed–but in an entertaining and easily understood way. I found out that the author, Colleen Cross, is an accountant. That figures: The depth of the research in this book is way more than what you could get by Googling.

I highly recommend Exit Strategy!

Sandy Nathan, owner of Your Shelf Life

Colleen Cross, author of Exist Strategy


Colleen Cross, author of Exit Strategy
Colleen Cross holds an MBA and an accounting designation. Once at work, she  soon realized that the world revolves around one thing: money.

“We all need it. It’s at the core of almost every crime, whether fraud, theft, or too often, murder. I’ve always been fascinated by what makes people cheat, steal, lie and murder. Because people like me are going to catch them, sooner or later. That’s what forensic accountants do.

“I’m currently at work on Game Theory, book two in the Katerina Carter series. When not writing, I enjoy running, cycling and the great outdoors. I live near Vancouver Canada and also love to travel.”  Colleen Cross
Read more about Colleen on her blog.
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