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We Interrupt This Date by L. C. Evans | A Your Shelf Life Review

30 Jun

FIVE STARS! Highly recommended! I haven’t laughed so hard over a book in I don’t know how long––though I thought the protagonist Susan should be rushed into an emergency Codependents Anonymous meeting and not let out until she learned to say, “No!” loudly. What a great storyteller L. C. Evans is! Susan is recovering from […]

Being a Successful Author Using Social Media, Plus Online Etiquette, Spamming, Cyber-bullying, and Avoiding the Dangers of On-line Particpation

19 Jun

So here’s the question: Is it possible to be successful and sane in the writing profession? Writing is hard. Getting published in a professional manner is harder. (Whether you self-publish or go the traditional route.) In my experience, marketing is hardest of all.

In the world of writers and authors, success is measured by two things: the number of books sold and the amount of money made selling them. If you want to test this, go anywhere that authors or writers congregate. Check out my Facebook wall (or yours). Authors crow about their book sales and big events and triumphs all the time.