6 Jun

Delightful, wholesome, and intelligent reading for young and not-so-young adults  –  FIVE STARS!

I remain charmed and delighted after finishing Todd Fonseca’s The Time Cavern. As other reviewers point out, this is the story of two youngsters, a brilliant boy who has recently relocated from the city to the country and an adventurous farm girl. Tom Sawyer-style, they embark upon adventures that lead them to very unexpected places. I don’t want to reveal more of the story, though, given the title, it’s no surprise that a time cavern is involved. It’s a great read, and the ending is an amazing surprise.

This isn’t simply a sci-fi thriller, though both terms describe it. The author sets the tale in Amish farm country, unfamiliar territory to this reader. The gentle Amish culture provides a backdrop for the story, adding a haunting dimension. It’s also farm country–more unfamiliar territory for me. The only thing I knew about corn was how to eat it; the story teaches us about threshing and combines and other rural mysteries as part of the farm cycle.

Charming is the only word I can think of to describe this book. The Amish element, the two cute kids, their families, the old barn, and, of course, what they discover in the woods is a compelling blend. I’m looking forward to the sequel.

The values dimension of this book must be emphasized. When I was in graduate school in counseling, we counselors-to-be would sit around with our professors and talk about the decline in social values that we saw in the mass culture around us. We’d wring our hands and moan, “What’s it all about?” The state of mass culture has gotten more alarming since my school days.

This book embodies personal health. It stars two bright, inquisitive kids from intact families.


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