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Dancing with Butterflies: A Novel by Reyna Grande

6 Jun

MAGNIFICENT —  FIVE STARS! When I ordered this book, I thought, “Oh, how cool. A book about Folklorico dancers.” I love Mexico’s beautiful traditional dancers. I envisioned a fluffy read, beautifully costumed. Forget that. This is a serious piece of literature set within a world of dance. It’s an ensemble work, centered on Alegria, a […]

The Lieutenant (Hardcover) by Kate Grenville

6 Jun

A satisfying and beautiful read –– FIVE STARS! The Lieutenant is one of the best books I’ve read in a very long time. The author uses a very simple writing style to reveal a powerful human drama. I don’t like to reveal plots in my reviews–you can get them from the book’s promotional material and […]


6 Jun

Delightful, wholesome, and intelligent reading for young and not-so-young adults  –  FIVE STARS! I remain charmed and delighted after finishing Todd Fonseca’s The Time Cavern. As other reviewers point out, this is the story of two youngsters, a brilliant boy who has recently relocated from the city to the country and an adventurous farm girl. […]