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EUGENIA LOVETT WEST on Literary Success, Late Blooming Careers & the Craft of Writing

15 Jan

I’m very pleased to welcome guest blogger Eugenia Lovett West. Eugenia has written two enthralling mysteries. The latest, Overkill, came out in December ’09. I don’t know many people of any age who have accomplished what Eugenia has––so let’s hear what she has to say. Hi, Sandy. Thanks so much for asking me to blog […]

Publishing Bloopers: What I Did with my First Book that I Wouldn't Now: 5.4 Selling Books in the Great Recession

5 Jan

A Google search brought up this blog article, which was originally printed in my REDROOM BLOG. I love the REDROOM, finding it a great resource for writers. The article is a perfect summary of a self publishing/independent press response to the Great Recession. Read about my bloopers so you won’t make them yourself.