Operation Desert Swap––Now Authors Can Support our Troops!

20 Aug

Operation Desert Swap

Operation Desert Swap

Operation Desert Swap provides a way for authors to support our troops with more than bumper stickers. If you are an author and join Operation Desert Swap , you’ll be paired with a soldier. You’ll send him or her a copy of your book. You’ll also agree to write “your” solder at least once a month, send him or her at least one care package during deployment, along with a Christmas card and possibly a birthday card.

The soldier receiving your book agrees to read it and pass it on to others when finished. The book will be passed on and on, and on, as long as it holds together and keeps people interested.

I was moved to join Operation Desert Swap because it provides a hands-on way of supporting our soldiers. I look forward to perhaps providing motivation or an uplifting word to people in the most difficult of circumstances. Could I make a difference to someone whose life is on the line to defend me and our civilization?

That’s what I’m going to try to do.

I also wanted people in the military to read my book. It’s about warriors––warriors in the corporate and personal world. Courage is required for daily living. I hope the book makes a difference, too.

If you’re interested in Operation Desert Swap, click away. Links take you to their web site. Here’s info about what’s required. You must become a member of ODS to participate, which means signing up for their site.

If this program intrigues you the way it does me, I urge you to join. All books will be mailed on the same date: October 23, 2009. ODS is getting organized to pair authors and soldiers, so I urge you to act quickly and join the effort.

The site has author forums and ways for us scribblers to communicate––you’ll get to meet some interesting and committed people like yourself.

Hoping to “meet” you with Operation Desert Swap!

Award Winning Author of Numenon & Stepping Off the Edge

Award Winning Author of Numenon & Stepping Off the Edge

All the best,

Sandy Nathan

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