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Unlock Writer's Block – What You Need to Know When the Words Won't Flow

30 Apr

What’s writer’s block? Essentially, it’s psychological resistance, lack of personal development, egotism, and/or self involvement and importance. “My work is so important …” Hand wringing. Angst. Pain.

On the other hand, you may not be able to write because the time isn’t right. You and your book idea ain’t cooked enough.


First off, check out the article about teaching Corcovado to load and unload from a trailer from our ranch web site. It presents the fundamental lesson of this post: YOU CAN’T MAKE A 1,200 POUND ANIMAL WITH A BRAIN THE SIZE OF A WALNUT DO ANYTHING. IT HAS TO WANT TO.
Now, simply replace Corco with yourself as you work through your block.

Buy Stepping Off the Edge for 99 cents!

29 Apr

Now you can buy the Kindle edition of my award-winning book, Stepping Off the Edge , for 99 cents! The book is offered at this great price for a limited time only. Click here and go to the Kindle store. The Kindle edition of Stepping Off the Edge is absolutely gorgeous: The Native American themed […]

Sandy Nathan's book, Numenon, wins the 2009 Nautilus Silver Award!

25 Apr

When I was notified that Numenon had won the 2009 Nautilus Silver Award, I had one of those ‘boo-hoo’ moments, overwhelmed with joy and gratitude. In my article How to Win a Book Contest, I lay out all the steps winning requires. What I don’t say is the moment you submit your entry, the matter […]