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Amazon Bestseller Day Getting Best Selling Sponsors Part 3

20 Jan

At this point in my development as a red-hot Amazon Bestseller Day creator, I realized that a successful launch had many sides. A big one was gifts. Prizes. Positive reinforcements. Bribes. I had to provide prizes interesting enough that people would flock to buy my book to get them. [Note the oddity of this reasoning. Why wouldn’t people just buy my book? Doesn’t it have worth? Someone said to me, “Your book sounds like a must read. Why do all that?” Yeah, but no one was buying it.]

Whatever. Anything coming from Jamis would be interesting; I needed his participation, his wit and style. Most of all, I needed his endorsement of my book and campaign. His prize. I needed his undoubtedly vast email list: As a sponsor, he would email an invitation to his list the morning of the event and catapult me into his world. Need, need, grasp. Gasp.

Amazon Bestseller Day Amazon Best Seller or Bust? Part 2

19 Jan

The nomenclature and culture of on line marketing grosses me out. It’s been a problem. Before jumping into the fray with this Amazon Bestseller Day, I’d walk around the ranch shaking my head and groaning. Every time I passed our septic tank, my anguish intensified.

I regarded marketing my book as equivalent to taking a dip in the tank.

Where I live, you drive cattle. If you have spent much time riding along staring at the hind ends of cows, you will know “driving” is not a term to apply to your friends or customers.

But many people do. I Googled “drive traffic to website” and got 36,800,000 sites offering to teach me how to do just that.

Amazon Bestseller Day Best Seller or Bust? Part 1

15 Jan

Amazon Bestseller Days have been around for years. They promise to make your book a bestseller, if only for a day. You “drive” buyers to purchase your book on a specific day by offering them gifts (bribes), thus fooling Amazon’s computers into indicating your book is a bestseller. (Which it is, for a while.) If […]