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Amazon Bestseller Day Giant Mailing Lists Are All that Matter––It's a Numbers Game! Part 6

31 Jan

“Mom, you’re scaring me,” my daughter said as I snapped at her. I was working on my “Amazon Party” round the clock. Her words moved me, but didn’t slow me down. I was out of control, in hyper drive with no turning back. As the only one in the family who understood everything that had […]

Amazon Bestseller Day How Many Books Is Enough? Part 5

30 Jan

“How many do you think we’ll sell?” my husband asked. We were slogging our way through an Amazon Bestseller Day campaign one crisis at a time. The latest concerned the supply of our book on Amazon. If you are published by a major press, you can tell your publisher what you’re doing and they’ll handle […]

Amazon Bestseller Day Get Help, Do Your Homework, Clean up Your On-line Presence, Pray. Part 4

22 Jan

“I ran into Jeff Bezos at the TED conference,” my friend, Jamis MacNiven wrote. Jamis is the owner of Buck’s of Woodside, the pancake palace frequented by Silicon Valley’s mightiest. The TED Conference (which stands for Technology, Entertainment & Design) is the invitation-only conference where the world’s leading thinkers and doers gather to find inspiration. […]